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Sud Pesca is the commercial hub for fishing, the main point of reference for avid anglers of sport fishing and all fishing techniques, thanks to our extensive range of specialized products. Our Italian company specializes in the distribution and import of fishing gear, offering a catalog of over 50,000 items, including fishing equipment and outdoor sports articles, to meet the needs of every angler, from beginners to professionals.

With our wide distribution network, including numerous retail shops, we are able to provide our products to anglers of all levels and with various fishing preferences: from eging to spinning, from surfcasting to beach ledgering, from vertical jigging to slow pitch, from bolentino to trolling, and much more. Moreover, we are committed to providing quick and efficient customer support, ensuring a stress-free shopping experience for all our clients.

Conquer the Waves with Akami and Alcedo: The Ideal Companions for Your Fishing Adventures.

Eging Fishing

Exciting Catches in Eging Fishing, Discover the Remarkable Range of New DTD Products.

We are thrilled to introduce you to the latest innovations that will revolutionize your approach to fishing.

Get ready to explore the sea with cutting-edge tools and capture unforgettable moments with DTD excellence.


The Excellence of Fishing is now available at our store.

X-Zoga is a renowned leading manufacturer in the fishing industry in Japan, known for its established reputation of excellence and innovation. The company consistently strives to set new standards in fishing rod design and advanced fishing line technology.

Whether you are an enthusiast of saltwater or freshwater fishing, X-Zoga offers ideal solutions to meet every need. Their wide range of products is designed for various fishing techniques, ensuring anglers a perfect combination of performance, quality, and reliability.

Innovation is at the core of X-Zoga, and their constant commitment is reflected in the creation of cutting-edge fishing rods. By utilizing high-quality materials and advanced technologies, X-Zoga rods offer exceptional sensitivity, quick response, and high durability.

Regardless of your level of experience, X-Zoga has what it takes for both seasoned anglers seeking high-end equipment and beginners looking for quality options. Their extensive range of rods covers different techniques, including spinning, slow jigging, trolling, boat fishing, shore fishing, and competition fishing.

The ideal choice for reliable performance and an extraordinary fishing experience!

Sud Pesca: The Exclusive Partner of XZOGA!

Elevate Fishing Experience with the Innovative Arrivals from Akami!

Leader in daily distribution of Live Bait.

All passionate anglers of Boat Fishing, Bottom Fishing, Bolognese Fishing, Surf Casting, and Beach Legering will achieve the best results with our Live Baits. Sud Pesca s.a.s. provides daily express deliveries of Koreano Red, Koreano Magnum, Koreano Double Magnum, Koreano Extra, Muriddu, Americano, Arenicola, Giant Worm, Competition Worm, Mealworms, Maggots, and Flourworms.

Explore all our live baits.

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